Cinema Psychotronicum

Column for Little White Lies on the murkiest, maddest and marginal-est movies on UK home release.

right out of the sewer
crawling right out of the sewer

CP1 Septic Man, The Ninja Trilogy
CP2 A Touch of Zen, Last Shift
CP3 You Are Not Alone
CP4 Alienate
CP5 The Last Horror Film
CP6 Asmodexia
CP7 Symptoms
CP8 The Ninth Configuration
CP9 Ritual
CP10 Penda’s Fen
CP11 Intruders (aka Shut In)
CP12 That Cold Day In The Park
CP13 Suture
CP14 The Dead Next Door
CP15 Southbound
CP16 Microwave Massacre
CP17 Abattoir
CP18 Psychomania
CP19 Observance
CP20 The Neighbour
CP21 Lowlife Love
CP22 Driller Killer
CP23 Be My Cat: A Film For Anne
CP24 1 Million Years BC
CP25 Metropolis
CP26 Bring Me The Head of Alfredo Garcia
CP27 Willie Dynamite
CP28 The Last Detail
CP29 Zombie Lake
CP30 Pieces
CP31 Bloody Muscle Body Builder In Hell
CP32 Wolf Guy