Reviews published for TwitchFilm

FrightFest 2015 Dispatch #1 (Cherry Tree, Stung, The Unfolding, Never Let Go, JeruZalem, Bloodsucking Bastards, The Entity, The Sand, Zombie Fight Club)
FrightFest 2015 Dispatch #2 (Bait, Some Kind of Hate, Deathgasm, Future Shock: The Story of 2000AD, Night of the Living Deb, Contracted: Phase II)
FrightFest 2015 Dispatch #3 (Frankenstein, Another Me, Inner Demon, Road Games, Farhope Tower, Scherzo Diabolico, These Final Hours)
FrightFest 2015 Dispatch #4 (Summer Camp, The Lazarus Effect, Banjo, Hostile, Awaiting, Goddess of Love, Suspension, Bite)

AnguishThe Atticus Institute



Goddess of Love



The Stomach

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