FrightFest 2018

Glasgow FrightFest

Horror Channel Frightfest Glasgow 2018 Line-Up Announced: Ghosts, Sea Creatures and Demons! (SciFiNow)
Glasgow FrightFest 2018 Part 1 (SciFiNow)
Glasgow FrightFest 2018 Part 2 (SciFiNow)
When horror comes to a non-specialist event: FrightFest at the Glasgow Film Festival 2018 (LWLies)

Attack of the Bat Monsters; The Blacksmith and the Devil; Cold Skin; Friendly Beast; Ghost Stories; The Lodgers; Primal Rage; Pyewacket; The Ravenous; Secret Santa; Sixty Minutes to Midnight; Tigers Are Not Afraid; The Wanderers: Quest of the Demon Hunter

August FrightFest

All The Colours of the Dark: Arrow Video FrightFest Lineup (SciFiNow)

a Anna & the Apoclaypse; Await Further Instructions (SciFiNow)

b Bad Samaritan (RealCrime); Black Site; Blood Fest; Blue Sunshine; A Bluebird in My Heart; Boar; Bodied; Book Of Monsters; Braid

c Chuck Steel: Night of the Trampires; The Cleaning Lady; Climax; Crystal Eyes; CTRL; Cult of Terror

d The Dark (SciFiNow); Dead Night; Dementia Part II; The Devil’s Doorway

f The Field Guide to Evil; Final Stop; Frankenstein’s Creatures; Fright Fest; FrightFest: Beneath Dark Heart of Cinema; F.U.B.A.R.

g Ghost Mask: Scar; Ghost Stories (SciFiNow); The Golem; The Great Rock’N’Roll Swindle

h Hammer Horror: The Warner Bros Years; Hell is Where the Home Is; Heretiks; He’s Out There

i Incident In A Ghostland

k Killing God

l The Laplace’s Demon; Lasso; Life After Flash; Lifechanger; Luciferina

m The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then the Bigfoot; Mega Time Squad; The Most Assassinated Woman in the World

The Night Eats The World; The Night Sitter

One Cut of the Dead; Open 24 Hours; Our House

Perfect Skin; Piercing; Pimped; Possum; Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich

The Ranger; Ravers; Rock Steady Row

s Secret Santa; Seeds; St Agatha; Summer of 84

Terrified; Tigers Are Not Afraid (SciFiNow); The Tokoloshe

Upgrade (LWLies)


What Keeps You Alive; White Chamber; The Witch In The Window; Wolfman’s Got Nards

A Young Man with High Potential