Fido (2006)

Fido first published by Little White Lies

In an alternative early 1960s America where humans have contained a nationwide undead menace, domesticated zombie Fido (Billy Connolly) has a transformative effect on his adoptive family, making up for the inadequacies of dad Bill (Dylan Baker) to his unloved son Timmy (K’Sun Ray) and neglected wife Helen (Carrie-Anne Moss).

Andrew Currie’s Fido is a colourful Sirkian pastiche, parodying not just George A. Romero‘s entire zombie œuvre, but Pasolini’s Teorema, and even Lassie. Enslaved, exploited and feared, the zombies stand in for a long history of African-American objectification and subjugation in a white-dominated, patriarchal United States, while also satirising contemporary obsessions with home security. This is a truly refreshing take on several putrescent genres.     

© Anton Bitel