Piercing (2018)

Piercing first published by VODzilla.co Piercing opens, and indeed closes, with an external shot of buildings, as the camera zooms and cranes past the windows of different apartments, each containing its own cellular family, and stories within storeys. Of course the film – Nicholas Pesce’s second feature, following his monochrome serial killer debut The Eyes…


Sweet, Sweet Lonely Girl (2016)

Sweet, Sweet Lonely Girl first published by VODzilla.co “That street with all the Victorians?” asks Beth (Quinn Shephard) upon hearing where her new friend Adele (Erin Wilhelmi) is staying in town. “Strange cats, those Victorians. You know what they used to do for fun? Dress up in weird costumes and pose for each other.Tableaux vivants….


Finale (2018)

Finale first published by SciFiNow Taking place (mostly) in an isolated petrol station on the night that the Danish football team is playing in the finals of the European Championship, Finale sets itself up as a familiar – indeed timeless – tale of predatory victimisation. The station owner’s daughter Agnes (Anne Bergfeld) and disgruntled employee…


Black Circle (Svart Cirkel) (2018)

Black Circle first published by SciFiNow A faded, jumpy film reel from the 1970s, part of a correspondence course from the ‘Stockholm Institute for Magnetic Research’, claims to help the viewer deal with the modern age’s ‘duality of the self’. The method used, similar to – but not the same as – hypnosis, promises to…


The Dead Center (2018)

The Dead Center first published by SciFiNow It opens not with sights, but with sounds: a cacophonous legion of voices that whisper and wail and accuse and belittle in crescendo, placing us at the dead centre of a schizophrenic episode – or perhaps of something else. The first image that we see is a god’s…


Antrum: The Deadliest Film Ever Made (2019)

The allegory of the cave in Plato’s Republic figures the unenlightened as prisoners in a dark cave who imagine that the shadows they see artificially projected on the wall before them are reality, while in fact the only reality is in the sunlit world outside and beyond their perception. Unsurprisingly, this philosophical parable has in…


Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark (2019)

Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark first published by Sight & Sound, October 2019 Review: The frightening tales promised in the title of Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark are told and retold, reconstituted, rewritten (in blood) and recycled. It has been adapted from some of the creepy contes (Harold, The Big Toe,…


Ready Or Not (2019)

Ready Or Not first published by Sight & Sound, October 2019 Review: As founding members of filmmaking collective Radio Silence, Matt Bettinelli-Olpen and Tyler Gillett have previously helmed the segment 10/31/98 from V/H/S (2012), the frame story from Southbound (2016) and all of Devil’s Due (2014). Their latest, Ready Or Not, is a darkly funny…


Night Hunter (aka Nomis) (2018)

Night Hunter (aka Nomis) first published by Sight & Sound, October 2019 Review: A young woman, dressed in her underwear, runs through the snowy woods at night. Cornered by her pursuer, she prefers to fall to her death than be recaptured. Her state of relative undress and her willingness to die are signifiers, in this…