My reviews of theatrical releases for Little White Lies can be found listed here.

And below are links to (some of) my DVD reviews. [As LWLies has recently migrated to a different site, many of these links will now be dead. Shall try to upgrade as I find the time.]

A Absentia; Adrift In Tokyo; Alone Across the Pacific; Appaloosa; The Apple; Auschwitz

B Baba Yaga; Bad Boy Bubby; The Ballad of Narayama; Bereavement; Bodyguards and Assassins; Bronson; Bunny and the Bull; The Burmese Harp

C Cannibal Holocaust; Cargo; Chaw; The Colour of Pomegranates; Crocodile; Crows Zero; Crows Zero 2

D Dasepo Naughty Girls; Dead Hooker in a Trunk; Dellamorte Dellamore; Desire To Kill; Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame; Detention; The Devil and Daniel Webster; Django (feature); Don’t Look Now; Dougal and the Blue Cat; Dragon Wasps

E Early Summer; Eyeborgs

Fine, Totally Fine; For All Mankind; Four Flies on Grey Velvet; Friday the 13th (Killer Cut); Fright; The Front Line; Funuke Show Some Love, You Losers!

G God Man Dog

H Hanzo The Razor Boxset; Harpoon: The Reykjavik Whale-Watching Massacre; The House; House (Hausu)

I Inferno; Inside (À l’intérieur); Instant Swamp; It’s Alive

K Kaiji: The Ultimate Gambler; Kakera; Kick The Moon

L Lady Snowblood; Lake Mungo; The Last Thakur; Late Spring; Life Before Her Eyes; Little Big Soldier; Lone Wolf and Cub Boxset

M M; Mad Monster Party; A Man Vanishes; Muriel, ou le Temps d’un Retour

N No. 3

O Oasis; The Open Door

P Peppermint Candy; Phenomena; Pig Hunt; Pigs and Battleships; Possession; Profound Desires of the Gods

R The Reef; Repo Man; Repo! The Genetic Opera; Resurrecting the Street Walker; The Return of the Living Dead; Rogue

S Samurai Zombie; Sand Sharks; Shiver; Shock Labyrinth 3D; Le Silence de la Mer; The Silence of Lorna; Stoic; Summer’s Moon; Summer Wars; Suspiria

T La Tête Contre Les Murs; Tokyo Sonata; Tokyo Story; Trick ‘R Treat; Two Lane Blacktop

U Underwater Love

V Vulgaria; Viva

W Who Can Kill A Child?

Y Yatterman

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