My reviews of theatrical releases for Little White Lies can be found listed here.

Pieces for my column Cinema Psychotronicum are here.

And below are links to (some of) my DVD reviews. [As LWLies has recently refurbished its site, many of these links will now be dead. Shall try to upgrade as I find the time.]

A Absentia; Adrift In Tokyo; Alone Across the Pacific; Appaloosa; The Apple; Auschwitz

B Baba Yaga; Bad Boy Bubby; The Ballad of Narayama; Bereavement; Bodyguards and Assassins; Bronson; Bunny and the Bull; The Burmese Harp

C Cannibal Holocaust; Cargo; Chaw; The Colour of Pomegranates; Crocodile; Crows Zero; Crows Zero 2

D Dasepo Naughty Girls; Dead Hooker in a Trunk; Dellamorte Dellamore; Desire To Kill; Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame; Detention; The Devil and Daniel Webster; Django (feature); Don’t Look Now; Dougal and the Blue Cat; Dragon Wasps

E Early Summer; Eyeborgs

F Fido; Fine, Totally Fine; For All Mankind; Four Flies on Grey Velvet; Friday the 13th (Killer Cut); Fright; The Front Line; Funuke Show Some Love, You Losers!

G God Man Dog

H Hanzo The Razor Boxset; Harpoon: The Reykjavik Whale-Watching Massacre; The House; House (Hausu)

I Inferno; Inside (À l’intérieur); Instant Swamp; It’s Alive

K Kaiji: The Ultimate Gambler; Kakera; Kick The Moon

L Late Spring (Banshun); Lady Snowblood; Lake Mungo; The Last Thakur; Last Year In MarienbadLate Spring; Life Before Her Eyes; Little Big Soldier; Lone Wolf and Cub Boxset

M M; Mad Monster Party?; A Man Vanishes; Muriel, ou le Temps d’un Retour

N No. 3

O Oasis; The Open Door

P Peppermint Candy; Phenomena; Pig Hunt; Pigs and Battleships; Possession; Profound Desires of the Gods

R The Reef; Repo Man; Repo! The Genetic Opera; Resurrecting the Street Walker; The Return of the Living Dead; Rogue

S Samurai Zombie; Sand Sharks; Shiver; Shock Labyrinth 3D; Le Silence de la Mer; The Silence of Lorna; Stoic; Summer’s Moon; Summer Wars; Suspiria

T La Tête Contre Les Murs; Tokyo Gore Police; Tokyo Sonata; Tokyo Story; Trick ‘R Treat; Two-Lane Blacktop

U Underwater Love

V Vulgaria; Viva

W Who Can Kill A Child?

Y Yatterman

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