FrightFest 2016


Glasgow FrightFest
Anguish (Twitch); Baskin (TheHorrorShow); The Devil’s Candy (LWL); The Hexecutioners (TheHorrorShow); Martyrs (LWL); The Mind’s Eye (Eye); The Other Side of the Door (S&S); Pandemic (Twitch); Patchwork (Eye); Southbound; SPL2: A Time For Consequences (RantBit); The Wave (LWL)

Hallowe’en FrightFest
Putting genre to bed: the Hallowe’en FrightFest All-Dayer 2016 (S&S)
Bed of the Dead; Cold Moon; Don’t Hang Up; Fear, Inc.; Headshot; Rupture

August FrightFest
FrightFest 2016 critics’ roundtable post-mortem (S&S podcast with Virginie Sélavy and Kim Newman)
FrightFest 2016: World Premières of UK Horror
‘Not really horror’ highlights: the best of FrightFest 2016 (S&S)
FrightFest 2016, in the Age of Anxiety

Abattoir (LWLies); Another Evil (S&S); Attack of the Lederhosen Zombies (
d The Devil’s Candy (LWL); Director’s Cut (S&S); Downhill (VODzilla)
Paranormal Drive; Pet (; Population Zero (S&S)
RealiveRed ChristmasRoad Games (ScreenAnarchy); The ReZort