FrightFest 2019

Glasgow FrightFest

Glasgow FrightFest 2019 Preview (SciFiNow)

Automata (SciFiNow); Black Circle (SciFiNow); Dead Ant (aka Giant Killer Ants) (SciFiNow); The Dead Center (SciFiNow); Finale (SciFiNow); Freaks (SciFiNow); Here Comes Hell (SciFiNow); The Hoard (SciFiNow); Level 16 (SciFiNow); Lords of Chaos (S&S); The Siren (aka The Rusalka) (SciFiNow); The Witch: Part 1 – The Subversion (SciFiNow)

Halloween FrightFest

Candy, corny, culty: FrightFest Halloween All-Dayer 2019 (S&S)

Candy Corn; Trick; Uncanny Annie; We Summon The Darkness; Scare Package; Swallow

August FrightFest

What is monstrous? The FrightFest 2019 podcast (with Virginie Sélavy and Kim Newman) (S&S)
Horror gets real: the limits of fantasy at FrightFest 2019 (S&S)
Arrow Video FrightFest 2019 preview

a Are We Dead Yet? (SciFiNow)

b The Banana Splits (; The Barge People; The Black String; Bliss; Blood & Flesh: The Reel Life & Ghastly Death of Al Adamson; Bloodline (SciFiNow); Bullets of Justice

c Come To Daddy (; Come to Daddy (S&S); Crawl (LWLies); Criminal Audition (SciFiNow); Criminal Audition (S&S capsule); Critters Attack! (SciFiNow); Cut Off

d Dachra (; Daniel Isn’t Real (SciFiNow); Dark Encounter (; Dark Light (SciFiNow); Dark Sense (SciFiNow); The Dark Red (; Darlin’; Deadcon; Death of a Vlogger (SciFiNow); The Deeper You Dig; Depraved; Driven; The Drone (SciFiNow)

e Eat Brains Love (SciFiNow); Extracurricular (SciFiNow)

f Fingers; Fingers (S&S); Freaks; Feedback (SciFiNow); Feedback (S&S); For We Are Many; The Furies (SciFiNow)

g Ghost Killers vs. Bloody Mary (SciFiNow); Girl On The Third Floor; A Good Woman Is Hard To Find; A Good Woman Is Hard to Find (S&S capsule)

h Halloween Party (SciFiNow); Happy Face (SciFiNow); Harpoon; Haunt (SciFiNow); Here Comes Hell

i I Am Toxic; I’ll Take Your Dead (SciFiNow); Impossible Crimes; I Trapped The Devil

k Kindred Spirits; Knives and Skin; Knives and Skin (S&S)

l The Legend of the Stardust Brothers (

m Madness in the Method (SciFiNow); The Magnificent Obsession of Michael Reeves (SciFiNow); Mary (SciFiNow); Master Of Dark Shadows (SciFiNow); Mutant Blast

n Nekrotronic

p The Perished; Porno

r Rabid (2019); Rabid (1977); Ready Or Not (S&S); Red Letter Day (S&S); Rock, Paper and Scissors; Rock, Paper and Scissors (S&S)

s Sadistic Intentions; Satanic Panic; Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark (S&S); A Serial Killer’s Guide To Life (SciFiNow); The Sonata (SciFiNow); Spiral (SciFiNow); Stairs; Stalked (aka Unseen) (SciFiNow)

t Tales From The Lodge; To Your Last Death; True Fiction (SciFiNow); True Fiction (S&S capsule)

v Volition (SciFiNow)

w Why Don’t You Just Die! (SciFiNow); Why Don’t You Just Die! (S&S capsule); The Wind (; Witches In The Woods (SciFiNow); The Wretched