FrightFest 2022

Glasgow FrightFest

The Cellar (VOD); A Cloud So High; Freaks Out; Homebound (LWLies); The Ledge (VOD); Let The Wrong One In (VOD); Mandrake; Monstrous (LWLies); Night’s End (VOD); Some Like It Rare (VOD); Wyrmwood: Apocalypse; You Are Not My Mother (LWLies)

FrightFest Halloween 2022

FrightFest Halloween 2022 Post Mortem, includes: Tripping The Dark Fantastic, Freeze, Gnomes, Mad Heidi, Outpost, On The Edge, The Offering

August FrightFest

Straight On Till Morning FrightFest 2022 post-mortem podcast (with Virginie Sélavy and Kim Newman)
Brea(d)th taken: six eclectic titles from The Arrow FrightFest 2022
Preview: 10 traumatic treats from the Arrow Video FrightFest 2022 (BFI)
The good bad news about Arrow Video FrightFest 2022

b Barbarian (SFN); Bitch Ass; Bite; The Breach (SFN); Burial (SFN)

c Candy Land; Cerebrum; Cerebrum (BFI); Control (VOD); Control (BFI); The Creeping; Croc!; Cult of VHS

d Dark Glasses (SFN); Daughter (SFN); Deadstream (LWL); Deep Fear; Do Not Disturb

e Eating Miss Campbell; Everybody Dies By The End; Everyone Will Burn; The Eyes Below

f Fall (SFN); Family Dinner; Final Cut (SFN); Follow Her 

g The Ghosts of Monday (VOD); The Ghost Writer; The Group

h The Harbinger (SFN); The Harbinger (BFI); H4z4rd; Holy Shit!; Hounded (VOD); Huesera; Hypochondriac; Hypochondriac (BFI)

i Incredible But True (SFN)

l The Lair (SFN); The Last Client; The Last Client (BFI); The Leech (BFI); LOLA

m Mastemah; Mean Spirited; Midnight Peepshow

n New Religion; New Religion (BFI); Next Exit (SFN); Night of the Bastard; Night Sky (SFN)

o The Once and Future Smash + End Zone 2; The Ones You Didn’t Burn; The Ones You Didn’t Burn (BFI); Orchestrator of Storms: The Fantastique World Of Jean Rollin (SFN)

p Piggy (SFN); Powertool Cheerleaders vs. the Boyband of the Screeching Dead; The Price We Pay; Pussycake

r Raven’s Hollow

s Scare Package II: Rad Chad’s Revenge; She Came From The Woods (VOD); Sissy; Sissy (BFI); Something in the Dirt (LWL); Sorry About the Demon (VOD); Splinter; Stalker; The Summoned; Super Z; Swallowed (SFN)

t Terrifier 2 (VOD); They Wait in the Dark; Tiny Cinema; Torn Hearts (SFN)

v The Visitor From The Future (SFN)

w Walking Against the Rain (SFN); Who Invited Them (VOD); Wolfkin; Wolf Manor (aka Scream of the Wolf) (SFN); A Wounded Fawn (SFN); A Wounded Fawn (BFI)

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