FrightFest 2023

Glasgow FrightFest

13 Exorcisms (VOD); #chadgetstheaxe; Consecration; Here For Blood; Hunt Her, Kill Her; Irati; Little Bone Lodge; Mother Superior; Onyx the Fortuitous and the Talisman of Souls; Pensive; Sisu; Smoking Causes Coughing (VOD); Winnie-The-Pooh: Blood and Honey (VOD)

Halloween FrightFest

Blue Light; Eldritch, USA; He Never Left; Hood Witch; The Last Video Store; Lovely, Dark, and Deep; Maria; Superposition; The Waterhouse

August FrightFest

Straight On Till Morning: FrightFest 2023 post-mortem podcast for Resonance Radio (with Virginie Sélavy and Kim Newman)
Horror gets weird: 6 oddities from FrightFest 2023 (BFI)
Endless Cycles and Eternal Returns: Pigeon Shrine FrightFest 2023

# 1982: The Greatest Geek Year Ever!
a Alligator
b The Black Mass; Black Mold; The Blue Rose; The Blue Rose (BFI)
c Cheat; Cobweb (SFN); Cold Meat; The Conjuring; Creeping Death
d The Darkside of Society; Departing Seniors; The Dive (SFN); Doctor Jekyll (SFN)
e Eight Eyes (SFN); Enter The Clones Of Bruce Lee; The Exorcist (Version You Never Saw)
f Faceless After Dark; Failure!; Farang (SFN); Founders Day
g The Ghost Station (W&P); The Glenarma Tapes; Good Boy; Good Boy (BFI)
h Haunted Ulster Live; Herd; Here For Blood; Home Sweet Home: Where Evil Lives; Hostile Dimensions (SFN); How To Kill Monsters
i I Am Monsters!; Isaac; It Follows; It Lives Inside (SFN)
j The J-Horror Virus (SFN)
k Kim’s Video; The Knocking
l Lore
m Mancunian Man: The Legendary Life of Cliff Temlow; A Million Days; Minore; Minore (BFI); Monolith; The Moor; My Mother’s Eyes; My Mother’s Eyes (BFI) 
n New Life (SFN); Nosepicker (short)
o Otto Baxter: Not A Fucking Horror Movie + The Puppet Asylum (VOD)
p Pandemonium (SFN); Piper (SFN); Poundcake; Punch
r Raging Grace (SFN); Rain, Rain, Go Away (short); [Rec] Terror Without Pause; River (SFN)
s The Sacrifice Game (SFN); The Seeding (SFN); SpookT; Suitable Flesh (SFN); Sympathy for the Devil (SFN)
t T Blockers (SFN); That’s a Wrap; Thorns; To Fire You Come At Last; Triggered (Topakk); Transmission (SFN); Transmission (BFI): Trim Season; The Weird Kidz
w Werewolf Santa; What You Wish For (SFN); Where The Devil Roams (SFN); Where The Devil Roams (BFI)