FrightFest 2014

Links to my coverage (all for Grolsch FilmWorks, unless otherwise specified) of the Film4 FrightFest 2014.

Too Late Blues: The FrightFest Hallowe’en All-Nighter 2014 (S&S)
FrightFest 2014 critics’ roundtable post-mortem (podcast with Virginie Sélavy and Kim Newman)
FrightFest: Where the Horror Genre is Still Twitching (GuardianFilm)
The Best (and not-so-Best) of the Rest of FrightFest 2014
Jason Bognacki: Not just Another filmmaker
Fabrice du Welz on Calvaire, Vinyan and Alleluia (Film4)
Till Kleinert on The Samurai (Film4)
John McNaughton on The Harvest (Film4)
There Will Be Blood: A Preview of FrightFest 2014
A Preview To FrightFest Glasgow 2014

A abdullah; All Cheerleaders Die; Alleluia (Film4); Alleluia (S&S) ; Altergeist (capsule); Among The Living (capsule); Another (FilmLandEmpire)

B The Babadook; Bad Milo!; Blood Moon

C The Canal; Coherence; Creep (FilmLandEmpire)

D Deadly Virtues; Dead Snow 2: Red Vs. Dead (FilmDivider) ; Dead Within; The Den (FilmDivider); Digging Up The Marrow (capsule); Doc of the Dead; Drew: The Man Behind The Poster (capsule); The Drownsman (capsule)

E Exists (capsule); The Expedition; Extraterrestrial (capsule)

F Faults; The Forgotten

G The Green Inferno (capsule); The Guest (Film4)

H The Harvest; Home; Honeymoon (; Honeymoon (capsule); The House at the End of Time; Housebound

I I Survived A Zombie Holocaust

J Julia

L The Last Showing; Late Phases; Lemon Tree Passage (capsule); Life After Beth; Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey Of Richard Stanley’s Island Of Dr Moreau (capsule)

M The Mirror (capsule)

N Nekromantik; A Nightmare On Elm Street; Nymph

O Open Windows (capsule)

P Preservation

R R100 (FilmDivider); The Remaining

S Der Samurai; The Shining; Show Pieces; Shockwave Darkside 3D (capsule); The Signal (capsule); Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For (Film4); The Sleeping Room; Stage Fright; Starry Eyes

T Truth Or Dare (capsule)

V The Visitor

W White Settlers; WolfCop; WolfCop (S&S); Wolf Creek 2; Wrong Turn 6

X Xmoor

Y Zombeavers (capsule)

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