FrightFest 2015


Glasgow 2015

Glasgow FrightFest 2015: New Horror Round-Up (LWL)

The Atticus Institute (TwitchFilm); Clown (Grolsch); 88 (TwitchFilm); [REC] Apocalypse (FilmLand Empire); The Woods Movie (Grolsch)

Halloween 2015

Day for night: the FrightFest Hallowe’en All-Dayer 2015 (S&S)

August FrightFest 2015 

Horror Without Limits: the FrightFest 2015 Programme is Announced
Film4 FrightFest Preview: Horror in the House (LWL)
Film4 FrightFest Preview: The Best of FrightFest 2015 (S&S)
FrightFest 2015 Dispatch #1 (Twitch)
FrightFest 2015 Dispatch #2 (Twitch)
FrightFest 2015 Dispatch #3 (Twitch)
FrightFest 2015 Dispatch #4 (Twitch)
FrightFest: Critics’ roundtable post-mortem (podcast for S&S, with Kim Newman and Virginie Sélavy)

Aaaaaaaah! (S&S); Aaaaaaaah!Afterdeath (LWL); Another MeAwaiting (Twitch)
Bait (Twitch); Banjo (Twitch); Bite (Twitch); Bloodsucking Bastards (Twitch); Body (Vérité)
Cherry Tree (Twitch); A Christmas Horror Story; Contracted: Phase II (Twitch); Curtain (S&S); Curve
D DEATHGASM (Twitch); The Diabolical (LWL)
Emelie (LWL); Estranged (LWL); The Entity (Twitch)
Farhope Tower (Twitch); Final Girl (TheHorrorShow); Frankenstein (Twitch); Future Shock! The Story Of 2000AD (Twitch)
Goddess Of Love (Twitch)
The Hallow (TheHorrorShow); Hangman (LWL); Hellions (TheHorrorShow); Hellraiser; Hostile (Twitch); Howl (TheHorrorShow)
I Inner Demon (Twitch)
James Wan’s Demonic (LWL); JeruZalem (Twitch)
Landmine Goes Click (S&S); Last Girl Standing (TheHorrorShow); The Lazarus Effect (Twitch); The Lesson (S&S)
Madman; Most Likely To Die (TheHorrorShow)
Never Let Go (Twitch); Night Fare (TheHorrorShow); The Nightmare (S&S); Night of the Living Deb (Twitch); Nina Forever (Vérité)
Over Your Dead Body (S&S)
Pod (LWL)
Rabid Dogs (TheHorrorShow); Remake, Remix, Rip-Off; Road Games (Twitch); The Rotten Link (S&S)
The Sand (Twitch); Scherzo Diabolico (Twitch); The Shelter (LWL); Shut In (aka Intruders) (LWL); Slumlord (LWL); Some Kind Of Hate (Twitch); Stung (Twitch); Summer Camp (Twitch); Sun Choke (S&S); Suspension (Twitch)
Tales Of Halloween; These Final Hours (Twitch); They Look Like People (Vérité); III (S&S); Turbo Kid (TheHorrorShow)
The Unfolding (Twitch)
We Are Still Here (LWL); Wind Walkers (TheHorrorShow); Worry Dolls
Z Zombie Fight Club (Twitch)

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