FrightFest 2017

FrightFest 2017

Glasgow FrightFest

Opening Night and Day 1 (SciFiNow); Day 2 (SciFiNow)

Bloodlands (SciFiNow); Cage Dive (SciFiNow); A Cure For Wellness (SciFiNow); A Cure For Wellness (LWLies); Detour (SciFiNow); Fashionista (SciFiNow); Happy Hunting (SciFiNow); Hounds of Love (SciFiNow); It Stains the Sand Red (SciFiNow); The Night of the Virgin (SciFiNow); Phantasm: Remastered (SciFiNow); Raw (SciFiNow); Raw (LWL) Shin Godzilla (SciFiNow); Shin Godzilla (LWLies); The Transfiguration (SciFiNow); Warrior’s Gate (SciFiNow)

Halloween FrightFest

FrightFest Halloween All-Dayer 2017: seven flavours of fear (S&S)

August FrightFest 

Monstrous feminine: gender and genre at FrightFest 2017 (S&S)
Podcast: FrightFest 2017 critics’ roundtable post-mortem (with Kim Newman and Virginie Sélavy)
The Return of FrightFest: the festival’s 2017 line-up is announced (SciFiNow)
VodPod podcast [from about 11 minutes in] (

all reviews for SciFiNow, unless otherwise stated
3rd Night68 Kill
AccountableAloneAttack of the Adult Babies
b Bad MatchThe Bar; Better Watch Out; Boots On The Ground
CanariesCold HellCult of Chucky
Dead Shack; Death Laid An Egg (S&S); Death Note; Death Note (; Devil’s GateDhogs; Dhogs (S&S); DianeDouble Date
Eat LocalsThe End?Exhume
Fanged Up; Fashionista; Fashionista (S&S); Freddy/EddyFreehold
Game of DeathThe Glass Coffin
Imitation Girl; Imitation Girl (S&S); InControl; InControl (S&S); InsideIt Stains The Sand Red
j Jackals
Killing GroundKing Cohen
Mansfield 66/67; Mansfield 66/67 (S&S); MayhemMeatball Machine KodokuMindhackMountain Fever
Our Evil
RadiusRedwoodReplace; Replace (S&S); Ruin Me
Sequence BreakStill/Born; Still/Born (S&S)
The Terror Of Hallow’s EveTo Hell And Back: The Kane Hodder StoryTop Knot DetectveTragedy Girls; Tragedy Girls (S&S)
Veronica; Veronica (S&S); Victor CrowleyThe VillainessVoice From The Stone; Voice From The Stone (S&S)
Where The Skin Lies

short films: Blood Shed; Flow; Smear