FrightFest 2018

Glasgow FrightFest

Horror Channel Frightfest Glasgow 2018 Line-Up Announced: Ghosts, Sea Creatures and Demons! (SciFiNow)
Glasgow FrightFest 2018 Part 1 (SciFiNow)
Glasgow FrightFest 2018 Part 2 (SciFiNow)
When horror came to the Glasgow Film Festival 2018 (LWLies)

Attack of the Bat Monsters; The Blacksmith and the Devil; Cold Skin; Friendly Beast; Ghost Stories; The Lodgers; Primal Rage; Pyewacket; The Ravenous; Secret Santa; Sixty Minutes to Midnight; Tigers Are Not Afraid; The Wanderers: Quest of the Demon Hunter

Halloween FrightFest

All killer, almost no filler: FrightFest Halloween All-Dayer 2018 (S&S)

Abrakadabra, MaraParallelPeripheral, RebornThe Unthinkable

August FrightFest

Rest of the Fest(er): FrightFest 2018 mop-up (SFN)
Political Panic: the timeliest terrors at FrightFest 2018 (S&S)
Choose your poison: the FrightFest 2018 critics’ roundtable post-mortem podcast (Kim Newman, Virginie Sélavy, Anton Bitel) (S&S)
All The Colours of the Dark: Arrow Video FrightFest Lineup (SFN)

a Anna and the Apocalypse; Await Further Instructions

b Bad Samaritan (RealCrime); Black Site; Blue Sunshine; A Bluebird in My Heart; Boar; Bodied; Book Of Monsters; Braid

c Chuck Steel: Night of the Trampires; The Cleaning Lady; Climax; Crystal Eyes; CTRL; Cult of Terror

d The Dark; Dead Night; Dementia Part II; The Devil’s Doorway

f The Field Guide to Evil; Final Stop; Frankenstein’s Creatures; Fright Fest; FrightFest: Beneath Dark Heart of Cinema; F.U.B.A.R. (aka Killer Weekend)

g Ghost Mask: Scar; Ghost Stories; The Golem

h Hammer Horror: The Warner Bros Years; Hell is Where the Home Is; HeretiksHe’s Out There

i Incident In A Ghostland

k Killing God

l The Laplace’s DemonLassoLife After FlashLifechangerLuciferina

m The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then the BigfootMega Time SquadThe Most Assassinated Woman in the World

The Night Eats The WorldThe Night Sitter

One Cut of the DeadOpen 24 HoursOur House

Perfect SkinPiercing (VOD); Piercing (S&S); PimpedPossum (S&S); Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich

The RangerRaversRock Steady Row

s Secret SantaSeedsSt AgathaSummer of 84

TerrifiedTigers Are Not Afraid; The Tokoloshe

Upgrade (LWLies)


What Keeps You AliveWhite ChamberThe Witch In The WindowWolfman’s Got Nards

A Young Man with High Potential