FrightFest 2020

Glasgow FrightFest

Anderson Falls (SFN); Butt Boy (SFN); The Cleansing Hour (SFN); Death of a Vlogger (SFN); A Ghost Waits (SFN); In The Quarry (SFN); The Mortuary Collection (SFN); A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio (SFN); Saint Maud (LWL); Sea Fever (SFN); Synchronic (original version); VFW (SFN); Zombie For Sale (SFN)

August Digital Edition

Home invasion: the August FrightFest goes viral (TtT)

# 12 Hours Shift
A Aquaslash; AV: The Hunt
B Blind; Blinders
C Clapboard Jungle: Surviving the Independent Film Business; The Columnist
D Dark Place; Dark Stories;Don’t Click
E Enhanced
G A Ghost Waits (SFN)
H Hail to the Deadites; Hall; The Honeymoon Phase; The Horror Crowd
I I Am Lisa
P Playhouse
S Skull: The Mask; Sky Sharks;The Swerve
T There’s No Such Thing As Vampires; They’re Outside; Triggered; Two Heads Creek