Stationary (2020)

It is night, and Jimmy (Aaron Thomas Ward) is carefully cleaning the car parked in the street (an activity suggestive of his own ‘clean’ status), and watching the estate beyond. If this looks like some kind of stakeout, a cut to the following day, and to a pile of cigarette butts discarded in the road…

Little Zombies

We Are Little Zombies (Wî â Ritoru Zonbîzu) (2019)

Its title may suggest a kiddy monster movie, but writer/director Makoto Nagahisa’s feature debut We Are Little Zombies (Wî â Ritoru Zonbîzu) offers a rather different kind of child-oriented horror, where the ADHD ebullience and wild desultoriness of youthful energy serve, at least in part, to disguise a much deeper existential, explicitly Kafka-esque dread.  We…


Sleepaway Camp (aka Nightmare Vacation) (1983)

Sleepaway Camp (aka Nightmare Vacation) first published (in a slightly different verion) by Movie Gazette After a father and one of his young children are killed in a freak boating accident, the surviving child is sent to live with kooky Aunt Martha (Desiree Gould). Cut to eight years later, and Angela (Felissa Rose) is growing…


The Oak Room (2020)

A man walks into a bar… It is the beginning of a gazillion jokes – although in the case of The Oak Room, it is a recurring, deadly serious scenario that stages the crisis of masculinity, the burden of guilt, and the hell that we create for ourselves on earth.  The first man to walk…


Lost In Translation (2003)

Lost In Translation first published by Movie Gazette in 2003 Nobody does jaded quite like Bill Murray. Since his mid-1970s appearances in Saturday Night Live, his hang-dog expression and martini-dry delivery have always made him seem cynical beyond his years, and now that he actually is middle-aged, he plays the mid-life crisis like he was…


My Life Without Me (2003)

My Life Without Me first published by Movie Gazette in 2003 Most films about terminal illness resort to a predictable set of clichés – melodramatic confrontations with friends and family, deathbed pathos, tears and joy at the wake, or, worst of all, the miracle cure at the eleventh hour. Isabel Coixet’s My Life Without Me…

Dead Dad

Dead Dad (2020)

Buried out in the back garden, a dead dad (Dick Bailey) is summoned back into the house by sleeping, dreaming Mum (Liz Bailey). His naked, immobile corpse is reintegrated into the family, until finally his son Tom (Bailey Tom Bailey) decides to bring things to a head. The latest short film from writer/director/editor Bailey Tom…


Mary (2019)

Mary first published by SciFiNow Michael Goi’s Mary begins after the event, and bids us reconstruct what has happened. It opens with an aerial wide shot of a stricken vessel billowing smoke and flames in the open sea, and a flare being fired from a smaller vessel. Most of what remains of the film is…


Happy Face (2018)

Happy Face first published by SciFiNow “I’m disgusting,” declares Augustin (Robin L’Houmeau) near the beginning of Alexandre Franchi’s Happy Face. This quiet nineteen-year-old man in a hoody, his face wrapped in bandages and obviously distorted, is attending a support group for people with facial disfigurements, where a sense of insidiously internalised inferiority is not uncommon….