Repulse (Hrana Zlomu) (2022)

Repulse had its North American première at the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival 2022 Writer/director Emil Krizka’s feature debut Repulse (Hrana Zlomu) opens with DP Ryszard Perzynski’s handheld camera moving over the ground at dawn, passing first a discarded, dirty cloth sheep’s mask, then many sherds of broken glass and an axe – and ending on…


Julia (2008)

Julia first published by Film4 Summary: French director Erick Zonca has crafted a tale of alcoholism, abduction and alienation in L.A. and across the border. Tilda Swinton stars.   Review: Make a movie about an aging alcoholic, and you ought to have a tragic drama, like Le Feu Follet (1963), Trees Lounge (1996) or Factotum (2005)….

Blind Beast

Blind Beast (Mōjū) (1969)

Blind Beast (Mōjū) first published by Little White Lies, as the 134th entry in my Cinema Psychotronicum column “My name is Aki Shima,” Aki (Mako Midori) says in voiceover at the beginning of Blind Beast (Mōjū). “I was never very popular as a fashion model.” This narration is accompanied by black-and-white images of Aki taken…

The Boy Behind The Door

The Boy Behind The Door (2020)

The Boy Behind The Door first published by Near the beginning of The Boy Behind The Door, two boys are out messing around and practising baseball on an idyllic sunny afternoon, and talking about their future. “Can’t wait till we’re older,” says Kevin (Ezra Dewey), in the film’s first (audible) line, “We can leave…

Anything For Jackson

Anything For Jackson (2020)

Anything For Jackson first published by Satanists come with their own stereotype. The picture that they present in the popular imagination usually goes something like this: young, male, long hair, black leather, listens to heavy metal, incel. What you probably do not picture – unless your internal iconography is dominated by Roman Polanski’s Rosemary’s…


Outlier (2021)

A terrified woman runs in the forest, before falling over as she looks back and hitting her head. A man chops timber outdoors for firewood, intercut with shots of the same man plugging his smartphone into a massive mainframe computer. Nate Strayer’s Outlier, which he co-wrote with Jona Doug, begins with this confusion of images,…


Captive (2020)

Captive has its European première at FrightFest “I’m not mad,” Evan (William Kircher) reassures teen Lily (Tori Kostic) near the beginning of Captive, after she has apologised for spilling water on the floor of his isolated woodland home. The two have only just met. Lily is lost and confused, having run away from her drunken,…

Coming Home In The Dark

Coming Home In The Dark (2021) at Fantasia

Coming Home In The Dark has its Canadian première on demand at Fantasia 2021 Middle-class, middle-aged couple Alan (Erik Thomson) and Jill (Miriama McDowell) are hiking through a remote coastal area of New Zealand on a family day out. As their constantly bickering twin teenage sons Maika (Billy Paratene) and Jordan (Frankie Paratene) walk some…


The Psychics (De Klarsynte) (2019)

Journalist Camilla (Kristi Lovas) has decided to make a documentary about the psychics who often help police with criminal investigations. Camilla is open-minded on the issue, but her cameraman Thomas (unseen, and played by the film’s writer/director Tomas Sem Løkke-Sørensen) believes that all psychics are frauds, and seems far more interested in Camilla herself. Yet…


The Owners (2020)

Television director Julius Berg’s feature debut The Owners begins first with gentle birdsong over the opening credits, and then with a slow pan across the calming English countryside – only for this idyll to be broken as DP David Ungaro’s camera settles on a red car parked in the field whose occupants are smoking up…