The Lair

The Lair (2022)

The Lair first published by SciFiNow   It is April 2017, in Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan, and if there is one thing that we know, it is that Neil Marshall’s The Lair is going to end with a bang. We know this because text at the very beginning reveals that the rest of the film will…

Boots On The Ground

Boots On The Ground (2017)

Boots On The Ground first published by SciFiNow In October 2014 – the eve of the British pull-out from conflict in Afghanistan – a unit of five squaddies is under fire in the Hindu Kush. Coming to a huge British-engineered fort (“Leftovers from the First Afghan War”, as one of them wryly observes), they see…


The Prince of Nothingwood (2017)

The Prince of Nothingwood first published by Little White Lies Towards the end of a long excursion to Bayram, a Baghlan Province village in north easterm Afghanistan, director Salim Shaheen takes his guest/documenter Sonia Kronlund on a detour to visit Ali’s Dragon, a rock formation said to be the body of a giant serpent slain by…


Wind Walkers (2015)

First published by TheHorrorShow “They invaded our home and brought us viruses that we could not survive. That took the spirit of the people. And now we are doing the same thing in other lands to other people. Our own young men have forgotten the stories. They fight, they kill, in places where they don’t belong….