When Evil Lurks

When Evil Lurks (Cuando acecha la maldad) (2023)

When Evil Lurks (Cuando acecha la maldad) seen at the Imagine Fantastic Film Festival 2023 “The rotten must be removed before it rots the rest,” says Armando Ruiz (Luis Ziembrowski) near the beginning of Demián Rugna’s When Evil Lurks (Cuando acecha la maldad).  It is a principle that will be familiar to farmers everywhere, including…

El Apego

El Apego (The Attachment Diaries) (2021)

El Apego (aka The Attachment Diaries) opens with a tracking shot that follows, from behind, a pair of legs in high heels, walking along a roughly cobbled pavement in heavy rain at night. This is pure film noir – an impression greatly aided by the strict monochrome presentation – yet this woman’s progress is intercut…

Red Latex

Red Latex (Látex rojo) (2020)

“Slave!” is the first word uttered in writer/director Gerard Marcó de Mas’ feature debut Red Latex (Látex rojo). The speaker is Mistress Gise (Fedra Duarte), summoning her servant/apprentice/lover Julia (Valeria Rowiniski) to suck her toes and go through her schedule – but the dominatrix’s word is also programmatic, introducing us to the film’s key theme….


The Film Critic (2013)

The Film Critic first published by Grolsch Film Works Film critics may at times fancy themselves to be heroic figures, like Michael Fassbender’s dashing spy-cum-cinephile Lt Archie Hicox in Inglourious Basterds, a debonair, gun-toting journalist recruited by Churchill himself to help assassinate Hitler and end the War – and recruited precisely for his expertise in German film…

The Secret In Their Eyes

The Secret In Their Eyes (El secreto de sus ojos) (2009)

The Secret In Their Eyes (El secreto de sus ojos) first published by Film4 Synopsis: The film that bested A Prophet and The White Ribbon to 2010’s Best Foreign Language Film Oscar. Juan José Campanella directs, co-writes, produces and edits an epic thriller set in junta-era Argentina. Review: “You see someone else, and what the other person…