Feast (2005)

Feast first published by Film4 Summary: John Gulager’s feature debut is a monster movie with genre-savvy bite to match its big, blood-stained teeth.    Review: “C’mon, gimme some action!”, yells Bozo (Balthazar Getty), an all-round ‘asshole’ looking for yet another sucker to hustle at pool in the local redneck bar – and action is not long in coming….


The Tripper (2008)

The Tripper first published by VODzilla.co “A hippie is someone who talks like Tarzan, walks like Jane and smells like Cheetah.” So reads the text that opens The Tripper. It is a quote from Ronald Reagan, on whose nickname (‘The Gipper’) this film’s title puns – and Reagan, and his antipathy towards any perceived brand of…