Vase de Noces

Vase de Noces (aka Wedding Trough, 1974)

Vase de Noces (aka Wedding Trough) screened at Imagine Fantastic Film Festival 2023  In the opening sequence of director/co-writer Thierry Zéno’s Vase de Noces (Wedding Trough), an unnamed man (co-writer Dominique Garny) takes a dove out of its wire cage, and tries – with limited success – to place a doll’s head over its head….

A Life on the Farm

A Life on the Farm (2022)

This is in fact more than one film. It is of course Oscar Harding’s documentary A Life on the Farm, but within that is its subject, another film (or films) entitled Life on the Farm (no indefinite article) which forms its starting point and principal subject. These amateur videos shot on VHS camcorder by ageing…


Pearl (2022)

Pearl has its UK première at the Glasgow Film Festival 2023 The opening of writer/director Ti West’s previous feature X (2022) showed the corpse-strewn tableau of an old, battered farm, first in what appeared to be 1.375:1 aspect ratio, and then, as the camera passed through the barn’s square doorway which had been occluding the…

The Ones You Didn't Burn

The Ones You Didn’t Burn (2022)

The Ones You Didn’t Burn had its international première at FrightFest 2022 “I believe that men are generally still a little afraid of the dark, though the witches are all hung.” These words, expressly cited from Henry David Thoreau, appear as text at the beginning of writer/director Elise Finnerty’s feature debut The Ones You Didn’t…

Samuel's Travels

Samuel’s Travels (aka Squeal) (2021)

Samuel’s Travels (aka Squeal) opens with a confusion of signals. The credits handwritten on parchment in inked calligraphy, and the jaunty grace of the accompanying Minuet from Handel’s Water Music Suite No.1 in F Major, combine to suggest a couple’s choreography, told in a classical, literary mode – which is not an unfair description of…

The Turin Horse

The Turin Horse (A Turinói Ló) (2011)

The Turin Horse (A Turinói Ló) first published by movieScope The Turin Horse (A Turinói Ló) opens with an anecdote, narrated to a plain black screen, about an incident that took place on the streets of Turin in early 1889. Seeing a horse being whipped by its enraged owner, Friedrich Nietzsche intervened, tearfully embracing the…