The Legend of the Stardust Brothers (1985)

The Legend of the Stardust Brothers (Hoshikuzu kyôdai no densetsu)  first published by While some of the details may have been embellished over the intervening years, the story goes that, back in 1985, 22-year-old Makoto Tezuka ran into musician and TV celebrity Haruo Chikada. It would turn out that each had something the other…


Candy, corny, culty: FrightFest Halloween All-Dayer 2019

Candy, corny, culty: FrightFest Halloween All-Dayer 2019 first published by Sight & Sound Capsules of: Candy Corn; Trick; Uncanny Annie; We Summon The Darkness; Scare Package; Swallow Dedicating a day to the rarefied joys of genre, this annual FrightFest event was unified to a degree by twinned preoccupations with nostalgia and Halloween itself. Though contemporary,…


Dachra (2018)

Dachra first published by “Inspired by true events,” states text at the beginning of Dachra, as the camera tracks a humming man carry a sack from the boot of his car to a square where the sack’s contents – a young boy – are ritually, bloodily sacrificed. The scene is impressionistic, shot close over…


The Furies (2019)

The Furies first published by SciFiNow A terrified woman runs through Australian bushland, pursued by a grotesquely masked man with a scythe who, when about to kill her, is himself attacked – and eviscerated – by another masked man who then carries the woman off. We do not yet know what exactly is going on…


The Wind (2018)

The Wind first published by Emma Tammi’s feature debut The Wind opens with an impressionistic sequence, its events shuffled out of order. Two men wait outside a prairie house. A woman, Lizzy Macklin (Caitlin Gerard) emerges, her white smock covered in blood, carrying a baby wrapped in cloth – but while we hear the…


Mary (2019)

Mary first published by SciFiNow Michael Goi’s Mary begins after the event, and bids us reconstruct what has happened. It opens with an aerial wide shot of a stricken vessel billowing smoke and flames in the open sea, and a flare being fired from a smaller vessel. Most of what remains of the film is…


Happy Face (2018)

Happy Face first published by SciFiNow “I’m disgusting,” declares Augustin (Robin L’Houmeau) near the beginning of Alexandre Franchi’s Happy Face. This quiet nineteen-year-old man in a hoody, his face wrapped in bandages and obviously distorted, is attending a support group for people with facial disfigurements, where a sense of insidiously internalised inferiority is not uncommon….


The Drone (2019)

The Drone first published by SciFiNow Some would argue that the drone shot is killing cinema. It allows filmmakers to show hovering god’s-eye views without having to hire a budget-breaking crane or helicopter – but the wobbly distance that it offers gets tired with gratuitous overuse (especially in indie documentaries). In The Drone, however, these…


Madness in the Method (2019)

Madness in the Method first published by SciFiNow Jason Mewes has a problem: known almost exclusively for playing Jay to Kevin Smith’s Silent Bob in Clerks (1994) and other Smith films, he has been doomed as an actor always to play the stoner sidekick, never the star. In his directorial debut Madness In The Method…


I’ll Take Your Dead (2018)

I’ll Take Your Dead first published by SciFiNow “Sometimes it’s hard to tell who’s alive and who’s dead. I think most people are scared of the dead. Not me. I see dead people all the time.” So says 12-year-old Gloria (Ava Preston) in the voiceover that opens I’ll Take Your Dead, the latest film from…