Yella (2007)

Yella first published by musicOMH It is not always easy to cross a bridge. There may be hopes, dreams and ambitions to drive you forward, but then there are also second thoughts, backward glances, guilt-tinged regrets and nostalgic longings that keep drawing you back. Yella (Nina Hoss) embodies this idea of a life in suspense….


The Black Forest (2019)

The Black Forest first published by EyeforFilm There have been two recent films called The Black Forest, only one of which was horror. You might expect the horror film to have been this one, written and directed by Ruth Platt, not least because her feature debut was The Lesson (2015), a highly literate take on the prison-house…


Yung (2018)

Yung first published by EyeforFilmY The camera practically hugs young Jana (Janaina Liesenfield) as it tracks her walking over to a car outside school and getting in. “How was your day at school?”, the late-middle-aged man driving asks her, “What did you do over the weekend?”. We might be forgiven for assuming from these banal…