The Thing That Ate The Birds

The Thing That Ate The Birds (2021)

“You’re bloody neolithic!” Grace (Rebecca Palmer) shouts at her husband Abel (Eoin Slattery) in Dan Gitsham and Sophie Mair’s short film The Thing That Ate The Birds. Abel barely responds – and that is precisely the problem between this couple who are no longer even sharing a bed, and whose other communications are practically non-existent….

Broadcast Signal Intrusion (2021)

Broadcast Signal Intrusion first published by Movies On Weekends Broadcast Signal Intrusion opens with a video recording that resolves into a dream. A woman runs happily through a field, and a man pursues her with a camera. Then she stops, swaying in the mist, her face turned away, and we get his, or at least…


Host (2020)

The word ‘host’ can refer equally to anyone accommodating a houseguest, to the organiser of a group webchat, or to a person who has become possessed. All these meanings will come into play in Rob Savage’s Host, in which six friends, bored by the isolation of lockdown and eager for any kind of stimulation, agree…


Frankenstein’s Creature (2018)

[note that this review of Frankenstein’s Creature was based on a test preview] “My story lies in pieces, but I’ll offer it to them in pieces, and extend to them the chance to piece it back together.” So says the Creature (James Swanton), unravelling the sorry tale of his brief but extraordinary life of constant rejection and…