Shelter (aka 6 Souls) (2010)

Shelter first published by Sight & Sound, June 2010 Review: “Isn’t it possible that what you’re looking at is what you’re actually seeing?” With this line, delivered by open-minded but faithless psychiatrist Dr Harding (Jeffrey DeMunn) to his more doctrinaire psychiatrist daughter Dr Cara Jessup (Julianne Moore), Shelter (aka 6 Souls) sets out its reflexive stall….


Christmas Evil (1980)

Christmas Evil first published by The way for the slasher was paved in the Seventies by Italy’s stylised whodunnits (known as gialli) and by Bob Clark’s Black Christmas (1974), and the commercial success of John Carpenter’s Halloween (1978) guaranteed imitators – but the tropes of this nascent subgenre would still take a few years to…