Swallowed (2022)

Swallowed first published by SciFiNow Swallowed is a film of mouth, cock and anus. Like writer/director Carter Smith’s previous Jamie Marks is Dead (2014), it is a genre piece with a queer element that is simultaneously foregrounded and sublimated. Its protagonist Benjamin (Cooper Koch, whose surname also seems a pun on the film’s events) is…

Adopting Audrey

Adopting Audrey (aka Porcupine) (2021)

Adopting Audrey has its European première at the Glasgow Film Festival, 2023   “Don’t you ever feel like you just want to – leave?”, asks Audrey (Jena Malone, astonishingly nuanced) at the call centre where she works. Audrey is surprised to hear how long the customer on the other end of the phone has lived…


Consecration (2023)

Consecration has its international première at the Glasgow FrightFest 2023. Consecration opens with two nuns. The first is not real, but a bobblehead-ed plastic figurine on a car’s dashboard, crassly and kitschily exposing the commodifiable nature of the church’s icons as they intersect with the everyday life of the profane out in the real world….


Angelica (2015)

Angelica first published by SciFiNow Writer/director Mitchell Lichtenstein’s dazzling feature debut Teeth (2007) was a feminist coming-of-age horror which updated the vagina dentata mythos to the nuclear era. Now, after a brief foray into family dramedy with Happy Tears (2009), Lichtenstein has adapted Arthur Phillips’ gothic novel Angelica (2007) into a period film, shifting the…


The Neon Demon (2016)

First published by Sight & Sound, August 2016 Review: “You’ve slept with men before? You do sleep with men, don’t you?” Sarah (Abbey Lee) asks Jesse (Elle Fanning) in front of the big mirrors in a swanky nightclub’s bathroom. “All the time”, Jesse replies, after too long a pause and with little conviction. The truth…