10 Great X-Certificate Films

10 Great X-Certificate Films first published by BFI, and occasioned by the BFI’s release of Jack Clayton’s Room at the Top (1959) in Dual Format (Blu-ray/DVD) Includes: Island of Lost Souls, La Ronde, Beat Girl, Psycho, Victim, A Clockwork Orange, The Devils, Last Tango in Paris, Alien, The Evil Dead In 1912, the British Board…


La Ronde (1950) & Caught (1949): The Max Ophüls Collection

La Ronde (1950) & Caught (1949) – released as part of Second Sight’s The Max Ophüls Collection (2006) – first published by Little White Lies. In the sequence that opens La Ronde (1950), a dapper gentleman (Anton Walbrook) walks through a dark, mist-shrouded urban centre and introduces himself to camera as the film’s all-seeing narrator….