The Sin-Eater

The Sin-Eater (2024)

Kelly Holmes’ The Sin-Eater opens with young Jemima (Carly-Sophia Davies) and her older husband Richard (Gareth Jewell) facing the unimaginable: the death rites for their newborn son Benjamin. Yet in this god-fearing mid-1850s Welsh setting, amid all the harrowing grief and guilt, there is another concern.  “Is he safe?”, Jemima asks the young Scottish priest Samuel…

The Thing That Ate The Birds

The Thing That Ate The Birds (2021)

“You’re bloody neolithic!” Grace (Rebecca Palmer) shouts at her husband Abel (Eoin Slattery) in Dan Gitsham and Sophie Mair’s short film The Thing That Ate The Birds. Abel barely responds – and that is precisely the problem between this couple who are no longer even sharing a bed, and whose other communications are practically non-existent….