Red Latex

Red Latex (Látex rojo) (2020)

“Slave!” is the first word uttered in writer/director Gerard Marcó de Mas’ feature debut Red Latex (Látex rojo). The speaker is Mistress Gise (Fedra Duarte), summoning her servant/apprentice/lover Julia (Valeria Rowiniski) to suck her toes and go through her schedule – but the dominatrix’s word is also programmatic, introducing us to the film’s key theme….


Purdah (2018)

After a flurry of shots to establish that we are in Mumbai (in 2011, as a subtitle helpfully informs us), the opening montage of writer/director/DP Jeremy Guy’s debut documentary feature Purdah soon settles on a far more specific brand of image and activity. Through expertly edited match cuts, various games of cricket – on the…