The Last Ashes

The Last Ashes (Läif a Séil) (2023)

Loïc Tanson’s The Last Ashes (Läif a Séil) opens in 1838, one year before Luxembourg would, in exchange for partition and diminution, gain her independence. Still under Dutch occupation, Luxembourg is ravaged by famine, war, disease and depopulation – although one clan, living in the North of the country and led by Graff (Jules Werner),…

Red Latex

Red Latex (Látex rojo) (2020)

“Slave!” is the first word uttered in writer/director Gerard Marcó de Mas’ feature debut Red Latex (Látex rojo). The speaker is Mistress Gise (Fedra Duarte), summoning her servant/apprentice/lover Julia (Valeria Rowiniski) to suck her toes and go through her schedule – but the dominatrix’s word is also programmatic, introducing us to the film’s key theme….


Purdah (2018)

After a flurry of shots to establish that we are in Mumbai (in 2011, as a subtitle helpfully informs us), the opening montage of writer/director/DP Jeremy Guy’s debut documentary feature Purdah soon settles on a far more specific brand of image and activity. Through expertly edited match cuts, various games of cricket – on the…