Lorik (2018)

Lorik first published by EyeforFilm Named after Laurence Olivier by his performer parents and nicknamed Lorik, monstrous egoist Laurence (co-writer/producer Michel Poghosyan) was born to the stage, and as a middle-aged actor, lives and breathes theatre, losing himself utterly in his rôles to the frustration of the friends and family whom he constantly pushes away….


Sicilian Ghost Story (2017)

Sicilian Ghost Story first published by RealCrime Magazine 12-year-old Luna (Julia Jedlikowska) follows Giuseppe (Gaetano Fernandez) into the woods after school. Here, as a butterfly rests on Giuseppe’s hand and a weasel brushes past Luna’s foot, the children are close to nature in their Eden of innocence – even as a POV shot suggests a…


Tigers Are Not Afraid (Vuelven) (2017)

Tigers Are Not Afraid first published by ScirFiNow “There’s no wishes. Don’t be stupid.” “I wish that your scar disappears.” This exchange between hardheaded, traumatised Shine (Juan Ramós López) and idealistic, quixotic Estrella (Paola Lara) captures a dialectic that is ongoing in Issa López’s Tigers Are Not Afraid (aka Vuelven, literally ‘return’), a film that constantly…