Sisters (1972)

Sisters first published by Sisters opens with a double bluff. First, as the credits roll to the instantly recognisable dramatic strains of a Bernard Herrmann score, we see up-close stills (courtesy of Lennart Nilsson) of a foetus developing in utero, before it is revealed that there is a second foetus hidden behind the first….


Black Christmas (1974)

Black Christmas first published by Little White Lies, as part 45 of my Cinema Psychotronicum column Black Christmas (aka Silent Night, Evil Night and Stranger in the House)  opens with exteriors of the snowy Pi Kappa Sigma sorority house festooned with Christmas lights at night, as a POV shot (accompanied by heavy breathing) circles in search…


The Amityville Horror (1979)

The Amityville Horror first published by Little White Lies, as the 36th entry in my Cinema Psychotronicum column Stuart Rosenberg’s The Amityville Horror resides in a strange and ambiguous corner of US history. It was based on Jay Anson’s controversial 1977 book of the same name, which in turn was drawn from the equally controversial experiences…