Christmas Bloody Christmas

Christmas Bloody Christmas (2022)

Christmas Bloody Christmas first published by Little White Lies, as entry 167 in my Cinema Psychotronicum column Christmas Bloody Christmas opens with a sequence of TV ads: a Yuletide malt beverage “for the entire family”; a slasher (Kill.Xmas: The Lester Lord Story) in which little Lester’s POV catches mummy blowing Santa; ‘Santa Live In Concert’,…


Dementia Part II (2018)

Dementia Part II first published by SciFiNow If Mike Testin’s Dementia (2015) was a serious, slow-burning domestic thriller in which an ageing, demented Vietnam War hero is revisited by his questionable past in the form of a vindictive bunny-boiling home carer, then Dementia Part II – co-directed by Testin and its star Matt Mercer – is…


Contracted (2013)

Review first published by Grolsch FilmWorks Samantha (Najarra Townsend) is a woman in transition. She is a lesbian caught between her still beloved ex Nikki (Katie Stegeman), her adoring best friend Alice (Alice MacDonald) and her less welcome admirer Riley (Matt Mercer). She is a former addict trying to stay on the straight and narrow….