Infinity Pool

Infinity Pool (2023)

Infinity Pool first published by SciFiNow, 20th March 2023 Infinity Pool begins in the dark. Novelist James Foster (Alexander Skarsgård) has just muttered something creepily nonsensical in his sleep (“You can’t feed yourself with white sand brain death”), and his wife Em (Cleopatra Coleman) asks for clarification on what his unconscious was trying to say….


Pearl (2022)

Pearl has its UK première at the Glasgow Film Festival 2023 The opening of writer/director Ti West’s previous feature X (2022) showed the corpse-strewn tableau of an old, battered farm, first in what appeared to be 1.375:1 aspect ratio, and then, as the camera passed through the barn’s square doorway which had been occluding the…


X (2022)

X first published by Sight and Sound online Ti West‘s X opens with a visual trick to confound the viewer’s sense of time. A corpse-strewn farmhouse is shown in what appears to be outmoded Academy ratio, until the camera’s forward movement reveals that the vertical extremities of this squared image are in fact the sides…


Suspiria (2018)

Suspiria first published by Little White Lies ‘Simulacrum’ is the single word that elderly psychologist Dr Jozef Klemperer (played by one Lutz Ebersdorf, in fact a pseudonym for Tilda Swinton) writes in his case notes as he listens to an unhinged Patricia Hingle (Chloë Grace Moretz) rave in his apartment cum consulting room. In this…

Suspiria (2018)

Suspiria (2018)

Dance en abyme: Suspiria (2018) and reflections on rebirth Remakes always come with an in-built tension. Cleave too close to the original, and your film seems pointless. Cleave too far from it, and the film barely seems a remake. The ideal is to find a balance, somewhere between these two poles: a film that still…


The Secret of Marrowbone (2017)

The Secret of Marrowbone first published by Sight & Sound, August 2018 Review: Refugees from a monstrous father in England, Jack (George MacKay), Billy (Charlie Heaton), Jane (Mia Goth) and young Sam (Matthew Stagg) arrive with their mother Rose (Nicola Harrison) at a farmhouse on the American coast, hoping to leave the past forever behind. That summer…


A Cure For Wellness (2016)

A Cure For Wellness first published by Little White Lies “Who the hell takes the waters in the twenty-first century anyway?” The speaker is an executive in a New York financial firm whose CEO Roland Pembroke (Harry Groener) has gone AWOL to a sanatorium in the Swiss Alps. On the eve of a merger worth billions,…


The Survivalist (2015)

The Survivalist first published in Sight & Sound, March 2016 Review: “Surely you could spare something,” says Kathryn (Olwen Fouéré), stumbling, starved, into a small woodland farm with her teenaged daughter Milja (Mia Goth). “There’s more than enough.” “That’s what they all thought,” replies the farm’s sole resident (Martin McGann), never named in the film and…