JCVD (2008)

JCVD first published by musicOMH, 30 Jan 2009 This truly is a postmodern age. Everyone got their 15 minutes of fame in the body of John Malkovich (played gamely by himself) in Being John Malkovich (1999). A woman (played by Julia Roberts) managed to blag her way into a luxury hotel owing to her resemblance…

The Escapist

The Escapist (2008)

The Escapist first published, in slightly different form, by musicOMH, 11 April 2008 Frank Perry (Brian Cox) is a man looking to escape. As an aging lifer, he has long accepted the criminality, corruption and constant danger of his prison surroundings as his permanent lot, and has kept his head down – but now all…

Stray Dogs

Stray Dogs (Sag-haye velgard) (2004)

Stray Dogs (Sag-haye velgard) first published by musicOMH “Do you understand?”, the wild-eyed little girl keeps asking the stray dog that she has taken for a pet, as she tries to explain the intricacies of her present predicament, the theological concept of hell, and the need to pray for divine intervention. It is not clear…


Shrooms (2007)

Shrooms first published by musicOMH, 8 Nov 2007 Cinema has unbounded potential to give even the most sober of viewers access to the subjective experience of drug-takers, where it can be devilishly difficult to sort the hallucinatory from the real. Recently Requiem for a Dream, Spun and A Scanner Darkly have all depicted the user’s…

The Edge of Heaven

The Edge of Heaven (Auf der anderen Seite) (2007)

The Edge of Heaven (Auf der anderen Seite) first published by musicOMH, 22 Feb 2008 Following the international success of Fatih Akin’s vibrant Turco-German romantic drama Head-On (Gegen die Wand, 2003), The Edge of Heaven (Auf der anderen Seite) is intended by the director to be the second film in a loose trilogy, and accordingly…


Shortbus (2006)

Shortbus first published by musicOMH, 1 December 2006 Ever since Woody Allen came along with his Annie Hall (1977) and his Manhattan (1979), his Hannah and Her Sisters (1986) and his Husbands and Wives (1992), New York has been established as the American city of the ensemble romantic dramedy, where different characters come together to discuss love, life and politics. Witness…

Paranoid Park

Paranoid Park (2007)

Paranoid Park first published by musicOMH Known to those who frequent it as Paranoid Park, the East Side Skate Park is a network of ramps and tunnels built by skaters for skaters – a sometimes frightening hang-out for the disaffected, dispossessed and disconnected youth of Portland, Oregon. It is also very near the location of…


Yella (2007)

Yella first published by musicOMH It is not always easy to cross a bridge. There may be hopes, dreams and ambitions to drive you forward, but then there are also second thoughts, backward glances, guilt-tinged regrets and nostalgic longings that keep drawing you back. Yella (Nina Hoss) embodies this idea of a life in suspense….


11:14 (2003)

11:14 first published by musicOMH What links a distracted drunken driver (Henry Thomas), three pranksters in a van (Stark Sands, Colin Hanks, Ben Foster), a none-too-bright convenience store worker (Hilary Swank), her equally foolish colleague (Shawn Hatosy), a stiff young lover (Blake Heron), a treacherous teen (Rachael Leigh Cook), her over-protective parents (Patrick Swayze, Barbara…


Ultraviolet (2006)

Ultraviolet first published by musicOMH When a film’s style is described as ‘comic book’, it tends to be critical shorthand for superficial and two-dimensional, if also colourful and kinetic. Kurt Wimmer’s Ultraviolet is the apotheosis of this style, and wears its comic book status on its sleeve, not only because of its lurid, CGI-enhanced colour palette, impossibly…