Unwelcome (2023)

Unwelcome first published by Little White Lies, 24 Jan, 2023 When Maya (Hannah John-Kamen) learns that she is pregnant, her husband Jamie (Douglas Booth) purchases a celebratory bottle of alcohol-free Prosecco from the corner store, unwittingly picking up a trio of violent thugs who follow him back home and break into the couple’s London apartment….

The Ghoul

The Ghoul (2016)

The Ghoul first published by Sight & Sound, August 2017 Review: “People who suffer from depression often feel they’ve always felt this way. Like they’re trapped in a circle.” So says the psychotherapist Helen Fisher (Niamh Cusack) to her withdrawn, halting patient Chris (Tom Meeten). What Fisher does not realise is that Chris is an undercover…


The Ghoul (2016)

In his cluttered, chaotic home office, jovial psychiatrist Alexander Morland (Geoffrey McGivern) has on display a Klein bottle – a paradoxical object whose inside and outside are indistinguishable. “It’s like the bottle version of the Möbius strip,” he explains to his patient Chris (Tom Meeten), before further comparing it to the ouroboros and “eternal return“. All of…