Año Uña

Año Uña (Year of the Nail) (2007)

Año Uña (Year of the Nail) first published by Film4 Summary: This feature debut from writer/director Jonás (son of Alfonso) Cuarón traces an impossible romance in still pictures. Review: “Photography is truth,” declares the protagonist of Jean-Luc Godard‘s Le Petit Soldat (1963), “and cinema is truth at 24 frames per second.” It is an idea both tested…


Woman of the Photographs (2020)

As its very title suggests, writer/director Takeshi Kushida’s Woman of the Photographs is a film concerned with images. Shy, taciturn Kai (Hideki Nagai) is a one-time award-winning photographer who works and lives in an old, rather run-down studio shop where he takes people’s ID photos and retouches their images digitally to remove any unflattering features….