Into the Blue

Into the Blue (2005)

Into the Blue first published by EyeforFilm, 21 Oct 2005 In the Bahamas, unemployed boatman Jared (Paul Walker) dreams of finding sunken treasure, but when he and his loving girlfriend Sam (Jessica Alba) are visited for the weekend by their friend Bryce (Scott Caan) and Bryce’s latest pick-up Amanda (Ashley Scott), the four chance upon…

The Valiant Ones

The Valiant Ones (Zhong lie tu) (1975)

The Valiant Ones (Zhong lie tu) is available on Blu-ray from 27 May via Eureka! Video “We didn’t know we were in the same line of business,” says a brigand who, posing as a mobile drink vendor, turns on his customers in the woods, only to be outfought by them and overpowered. In fact Colonel…


Waterworld (1995)

Waterworld first published by Little White Lies, as the 73rd part of my Cinema Psychotronicum column After an altered version of the Universal ident shows the world’s continents receding slowly into the blue mass of the oceans, Waterworld launches us into a future where the polar icecaps have melted and the landmasses have been submerged….