Basenji (2021)

Basenji screens at Cine-Excess 2021 The Basenji is a breed of dog from Central Africa whose name derives from the word for ‘savage’, whose ‘bark’ is more like a high-pitched yodel, and whose attitude towards strangers is reserved. Although a regular barking dog does briefly feature, there is no actual Basenji to be found in…

End of Watch (2012)

Review first published in S&S Dec 2012 Synopsis: South Central, Los Angeles. Cleared of homicide charges after a shootout, LAPD Officers Taylor and Zavala return to duty, with Taylor recording both their professional and personal lives on digicam. In a dispute between African-American gangbanger Tre and his mailman, Zavala earns Tre’s respect by keeping a…

MANIAC remake: first cut

Franck Khalfoun’s s(l)ickly stylised remake of William Lustig’s Maniac (1980) hits cinemas today, and it is everything a remake should be (contrast Evil Dead, also out this week). For it stays true to the spirit of the original while turning it inside out, bringing it up to date, and self-consciously, even melancholically ringing the changes….