The Spine of Night

The Spine of Night (2021)

Naked but for a helmet made of bone and matching bone necklace that houses a glowing blue flower, a woman treks through wind and snow up a mountain, at whose peak, inside the cave-like mouth of a giant skull, she finds a warrior in metal armour guarding a similar, wilting flower growing from the earth….


Archenemy (2020)

Archenemy first published by Little White Lies strap: Adam Egypt Mortimer’s ARCHENEMY uses myths of empowerment and alienation to create a messily subversive maybe-superhero film We live in the era of the superhero. Those costumed crusaders have been all over our screens, mythologising the politics of our times, while exploiting adolescent dreams of empowerment. Yet…


Externo (2021)

Externo opens with a forward rush (in monochrome) through an animated Eden – and with a long, wheedling disclaimer. Bold red text tells us that the film is “based on a true story and some stories that have been told”, but then insists that its characters and events are fictional, and that “the reality that…


The Man Standing Next (Namsanui bujangdeul) (2020)

Woo Min-ho‘s The Man Standing Next (Namsanui bujangdeul) is a period film set, like his previous The Drug King (2018), in the Seventies, and chronicling the last 40 days of military dictator Park’s Presidency before he and his Chief of Security were assassinated by the Director of the Korean Central Intelligence Agency – who was…

The President (2014)

Review first published by Grolsch FilmWorks “Once upon a time, there was a President who had a very bad temper. One day the President’s family went to the airport. They had to fly far, far away. The President’s grandson didn’t want to go with his family so he stayed with his grandfather.” In what opening…