Our Evil

Our Evil (Mal Nosso) (2017)

Our Evil (Mal Nosso) first published by SciFiNow The feature debut of writer/director/producer/editor Samuel Galli, Our Evil (Mal Nosso) is a film of two halves. In the first, hulking, bald, middle-aged Arthur (Ademir Esteves) wakes at 2.32am, searches the dark web, skimming over items like ‘credit card cloning’ ‘cannibalism’ and ‘necro’ to open a section…


Agnes (2021)

It is no spoiler to say that Agnes ends with two people at a diner quietly and earnestly engaged in an intense theological discussion. In fact, one might even suggest that this latest feature from Mickey Reece, which he co-wrote with John Selvidge, is one long extended religious discourse – albeit not always so quiet…

Black Easter

Black Easter (2021)

Jim Carroll’s Black Easter carefully set its store in the opening sequence. To the accompaniment of a bombastic orchestral score, baroque gold credits appear on screen – the first reading “Jason Castro as Jesus” – over the incongruously anachronistic image of a red car speeding along a road. “Stop, wait, time out, says protagonist Ram…

Exorcist III

The Exorcist III (1990)

The Exorcist III first published by Little White Lies, as the 94th entry in my Cinema Psychotronicum column The Exorcist (1973) is two, even three films. There is the sensitive, slow-burning psychodrama of faith in crisis that William Friedkin actually made, working closely with his screenwriter William Peter Blatty (who was adapting his own 1971…


I Trapped The Devil (2019)

“Faith makes people dangerous,” says Karen (Susan Burke) to her husband Matt (AJ Bowen) in writer/director Josh Lobo’s feature debut I Trapped The Devil. The couple has paid a surprise visit to Matt’s brother Steve (Scott Poythress) at Christmas – that time in the calendar when issues of faith and family converge, and are often tested….

The Box

The Box (2009)

The Box first published by EyeforFilm What does it mean when a person is struck by lightning? Is it an act of god? A freak of nature? A cosmic joke? An alien intervention? Magic? Inspiration? Punishment? And what of other, more human tragedies, resulting – directly or indirectly – from our own negligence, selfishness and moral…

009 Re:Cyborg (2012)

Review first published by GrolschFilmWorks, where there is also an interview with director Kamiyama Kenji. Kamiyama Kenji’s 009 Re:Cyborg opens with beautiful/horrific images of Shanghai skyscrapers violently toppling, accompanied by a voice-over speaking in biblical terms about humanity’s moral Fall and subsequent trials sent by ‘Him’. Watching the disaster unfold on the television news, young…