The Dirty South

The Dirty South (2023)

Sue Parker (Willa Holland) tends bar in a small college town in North Louisiana. Here class divisions are demarcated by the river running through the town centre, with massive shoreline mansions on one side and trailers on the other. As Sue states in the voiceover which opens The Dirty South, this Bible Belt community is…

The Feast

The Feast (Gwledd) (2021)

The Feast (Gwledd) first published by Sight & Sound, September 2022 Review: Over plain opening credits, birdsong and the bleating of sheep can be heard, sonically conjuring a rural idyll, before being interrupted first by the sound of a car arriving and then by the noise of a much louder motor. The source of that…

The Draughtsman's Contract

The Draughtsman’s Contract (1982)

The Draughtsman’s Contract first published by Movie Gazette, 12 February 2004 After many years working as a documentary editor at the Central Office of Information, and over a decade making experimental mockumentaries (collected in The Early Films of Peter Greenaway 1 and The Early Films of Peter Greenaway 2), Peter Greenaway decided to turn his hand to a…

Paradise Cove

Paradise Cove (2021)

“Nice place to be homeless,” says Knox Bannett (Todd Grinnell), just after he has handed over a fiver to mendicant war veteran Rodney (Scott Anthony Leet) at the beginning of Martin Guigui’s Paradise Cove. The ‘nice place’ is Malibu, California, famed for its its extended coastal strip, its sun and its surf. Knox has arrived…


Mater (aka Matriarch) (2019)

Mater first published by EyeforFilm at Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival 2019 “I’m not leaving this house. Never.” The speaker is Anka (Neva Rosic), a crafty, cancerous, cantankerous old widow who maybe knows, maybe does not, that her adult daughter Jasna (Daria Lorenci) has come all the way from her own home in Berlin to…

A Bay

A Bay of Blood (Ecologia del Delitto) (1971)

A Bay of Blood (Ecologia del Delitto) first published by Little White Lies, as the 88th instalment of my Cinema Psychotronicum column Mario Bava’s A Bay of Blood opens with a shadowy figure placing a low-hanging noose around the neck of elderly Countess Federica Donati (Isa Miranda) and kicking the wheelchair out from under her….