Agatha (2022)

Agatha opens in darkness. A dim light is introduced as a woman’s hand pulls loose bricks from a wall, and reaches into the shadowy niche beyond to extract a mysterious wrapped object, and to observe it under an electric bulb. There is then a cutaway to an old crone crossing a misty field, apparently some…

The Spine of Night

The Spine of Night (2021)

Naked but for a helmet made of bone and matching bone necklace that houses a glowing blue flower, a woman treks through wind and snow up a mountain, at whose peak, inside the cave-like mouth of a giant skull, she finds a warrior in metal armour guarding a similar, wilting flower growing from the earth….


Wizards (1977)

Wizards first published by EyeforFilm In 1977, Twentieth Century Fox puts out two fantasy epics that both begin with the destruction of a planet, focus on the eternal conflict between good and evil, and feature the then-unknown actor Mark Hamill. It was, however, George Lucas’ Star Wars that would capture the popular imagination and change the face…