Where The Skin Lies

Where The Skin Lies (2017)

Where The Skin Lies first published by SciFiNow Michaël Boucherie is a former dancer, a choreographer, and an award-winning maker of short films, but Where the Skin Lies is the first feature that he has directed and co-written. On the strength of it, however, it won’t be the last. With its focus on a small…


Perfect Skin (2018)

Perfect Skin first published by SciFiNow Anyone who has seen Rob Zombie’s 31 (2016) will know that the very best thing about it was actor Richard Brake. As ‘Doom-Head’, an incarnation of violent, painful death, Brake’s intense, haunted eyes, gaunt, cavernous cheeks and drawn, craggy skin were an integral part of his authenticity as a performer….