Bliss (2019)

Bliss introduces us to the crumbling world and fragmenting headspace of Dezzy Donohue (Dora Madison). A Californian artist who has run out of creative juice, Dezzy has twice asked for extensions on her latest commission, and is getting nowhere with it. David (Chris McKenna), her agent of long standing, can see the writing (if not…


Rabid (1977)

The Keloid Clinic (Inc.) is situated by a motorway in the sticks some way from Montreal. Offering plastic surgery and post-op recovery in resort-like surroundings, the Clinic represents a model that Murray Cypher (Joe Silver), business partner to founder Dr Dan Keloid (Howard Ryshpan), hopes to turn into a franchise – even if Keloid himself…


Vampire Clay (Chi o sû nendo) (2017)

Vampire Clay (Chi o sû nendo) first published by SciFiNow “I don’t want to lose my individuality to convention.” These words, uttered by one of five students in a new rural prep school for Tokyo’s hyper-competitive fine arts courses, cuts to the heart of Soichi Umezawa’s feature debut Vampire Clay (Chi o sû nendo). For…


Tokyo Ghoul (2017)

Tokyo Ghoul first published by Sight & Sound, March 2018 Review: Though hardly a household name in the West, the Tokyo Ghoul mythos is ‘big in Japan’: first a success as Sui Ishida’s serial manga (from 2011), next as Shuhei Morita’s animated television series, and then as prequels and sequels in both those media, as well…


Wind Walkers (2015)

First published by TheHorrorShow “They invaded our home and brought us viruses that we could not survive. That took the spirit of the people. And now we are doing the same thing in other lands to other people. Our own young men have forgotten the stories. They fight, they kill, in places where they don’t belong….