Ashgrove (2022)

Ashgrove had its world première at the Glasgow Film Festival 2022 Teaming up again with his co-writer Jonas Chernick from James vs. His Future Self (2019), director Jeremy LaLonde brings a dramatic, even an apocalyptic, scenario that, in at least two senses, hits close to home. For Ashgrove is both, topically, a pandemic movie, and…


Minari (2020)

“Ask yourself before you pee, ‘Is this a dream? Is this a dream?’” This advice, offered by Monica (Yeri Han) to her seven-year-old son David (Alan Kim) as a strategy to help him stop wetting the bed, captures something of the spirit of Minari. For, set in the rural Arkansas of the 1980s to which…

The Passing (2015)

First published by Sight & Sound, May, 2016 Review: Welsh-language feature The Passing (Yr Ymadawiad) opens with Stanley (Mark Lewis Jones) literally down a hole. He is deep in the well that he is building by hand, shovelling mud into an old bucket that he then painstakingly hoists up into the rainy, wintry farmstead above….