Infinity Pool

Infinity Pool (2023)

Infinity Pool first published by SciFiNow, 20th March 2023 Infinity Pool begins in the dark. Novelist James Foster (Alexander Skarsgård) has just muttered something creepily nonsensical in his sleep (“You can’t feed yourself with white sand brain death”), and his wife Em (Cleopatra Coleman) asks for clarification on what his unconscious was trying to say….

The Ghost Writer

The Ghost Writer (2022)

The Ghost Writer had its world première at FrightFest 2022 The Ghost Writer opens with a dim-lit hotel corridor and with Gilliger Graham (Luke Mably) roaring into a bathroom mirror, whether in pain or triumph or madness, before there is cut to him onstage accepting a literary award for his latest book, also called The…


Motherly (2020)

Motherly first published by In the opening sequence of Motherly, we see various exteriors of a desolate modern farmhouse and barn, and then young girl Beth McKinley (Tessa Kozma) inside sitting alone on the sofa in a blindfold, while adult Kate (Lora Burke, For The Sake Of Vicious) stands over her with a kitchen…

De Kuthoer

The Columnist (De Kuthoer) (2019)

The Columnist (De Kuthoer) first published by Little White Lies “If people don’t agree with me, they’re allowed to be angry, they’re allowed to curse me, fight against me, with every argument they can come up with. But they aren’t allowed to silence me.” Anna Boot (Claire Porro), a third year in high school, is…


The Columnist (De Kuthoer) (2019)

The Columnist (De Kuthoer) first published by Ivo van Aart’s The Columnist begins with a television debate, in a studio, in front of a live audience and cameras. The topic is “Twitter, a curse or a blessing?”, and divorced mother, feminist and newspaper columnist Femke Boot (Katja Herbers) is there to make the case…

Black Bear

Black Bear (2020)

“Do you remember what it was like in the beginning, before all of this?”, Allison (Aubrey Plaza, Life After Beth) will ask near the end of Black Bear written and directed by Lawrence Michael Levine whose previous feature, Wild Canaries (2014), also boasted a bestial title. “We were so happy,” Allison continues, “I just want…


Swimming Pool (2003)

Swimming Pool first published (in a slightly different version) by Movie Gazette, Sept 8, 2003 Why is it that films about writer’s block, despite featuring characters who have run out of ideas, turn out themselves to be so full of them? Barton Fink and Adaptation practically define involuted inventiveness, and now François Ozon’s Swimming Pool,…


Malacostraca (2018)

Malacostraca  To get their minds off some unspecified friction, a couple is sunbathing at a lakeside spot, when the half-asleep Chris (Charlie Pecoraro) sees a crayfish crawl to his slumbering wife Sophie (Amber Marie Bollinger), and in an impressionistic montage of critter POV shots and close-ups of Sophie’s aroused face (Cattet & Forzani-style), a monstrous…


House (1986)

First published by Movie Gazette Horror writer Roger Cobb (William Katt) has problems. His young son Jimmy (Eric/Mark Silver) has disappeared, his wife Sandy (Kay Lenz) has left him, and he is haunted by his experiences in the Vietnam War with deranged fellow-soldier Big Ben (Richard Moll). So when batty Aunt Elizabeth (Susan French) hangs…