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Bertrand Bonello on Zombi Child
Adam Wingard talks Death Note and moving from “mumblegore” to Netflix
Mattie Do interview 

# 12 Hour Shift

a About Endlessness; Alice; American Badger; Aniara; Annihilation; Anything For Jackson; Apostle; Aquaslash; Arachnid; Are We Monsters; Attack of the Lederhosen Zombies; Av: The Hunt

b Baby Blood; Bacurau; Bad Candy; The Banana Splits Movie; The Banishing; The Battery; The Beach House; Behind the Mask: The Rise Of Leslie Vernon; Benedetta; Benny Loves You; Bitter Feast; Blind; Blinders; Blind Sun; Blood Feast; Blood Harvest (aka The Curse of Audrey Earnshaw); Blood Punch; Blood Quantum; Body Melt; Boiling Point; Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story; The Boy Behind The Door; The Brilliant Terror; Bull; Burning (Beoning); The Burning; The Burning Sea

c Calm With Horses (aka The Shadow of Violence); Candyman (2021); The Captor (aka Stockholm); The Cellar; The Changeling; The Children; Choose or Die; Christmas Evil; La Civil; Cold Prey 2: Resurrection; The Colony; Crabs!The Columnist; Combat Shock; Come To Daddy; Come True; Concrete Plans; ControlThe Crazies; Creation Stories; Cronos

d Dachra; Dark Encounter; Darkness Visible; Dark Place; The Dark Red; Dark Souls; Dawn Breaks Behind The Eyes; Dearest Sister; Death Bell; DeathdreamDeath Note; Demons; Demons 2; Dolemite Is My Name; Don’t Click; Don’t Go In The HouseDownhill; Dune Drifter

e Ema; Enhanced; Enys Men; Escape From Tomorrow

f Fanny Lye Deliver’d; Father’s Day; Final Days (aka Alone, aka Pandemic); Flashback (aka The Education of Fredrick Fitzell); For The Sake Of Vicious

Ginger Snaps; The Ghosts of Monday; La Grande BouffeGrave Encounters; Grave Encounters 2

h Hail to the Deadites; Halfworlds Season 1; Halfworlds Season 2; Heart of a Dog; Held; Hellbound: Hellraiser II; Hell House LLC; Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II; Honeydew; Honeymoon; The Horror Crowd; Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror; The Host; Hosts; The Housemaid; The House That Jack Built

i I Am Lisa; Impetigore; Incident in a GhostlandThe Initiation; The Interior; In The Earth; In The Line Of Duty; The Invitation; The Iron Mask; It Stains The Sands Red


k Kicking and Screaming; Killer Concept; Kuso

The Lair of the White Worm; La Llorona; Last Ones Out; The Ledge; The Legend of Boggy Creek; The Legend of the Stardust Brothers; Let The Wrong One In; LFO; Lisa and the Devil; Long Day’s Journey Into Night; Loro; Lost Things; Loveless

m Madman; Marcel The Shell With Shoes On; Max Reload and the Nether Blasters; May; The Medium; The Midnight Swim; Mirror Mirror; Mon Mon Mon Monsters; Monos; Mosquito State; Motherly; Muscle; Mute; Mystery Spot

n The Nest (The Bewailing); The Night; Night’s End; No Man Of God; Noroi: The Curse

o The Old Ways; Only The Animals; Orphan: First Kill; Out Of The World

p The Painted Bird; Parasite; The Parker Sessions; PatrickPersonal Shopper; Pet; Pet Sematary; Phantasm; Piercing; Playhouse; The Pool; The Power; Preparations To Be Together For An Unknown Period Of Time; Primal Screen; Prisoners of the Ghostland; Psycho Goreman; Prom Night

The Queen of Black Magic

r Random Acts of Violence; The Reckoning; Red River Road; Red Snow; Redwood Massacre: Annihilation; Reel Britannia; The Reflecting Skin; Remainder; The Room; Run Hide Fight

s Sacrifice (aka The Colour of Madness); Sadako Vs Kayako; Scanners; Sexy Killer; Shadow in the Cloud; Shadow of the Cat; She Came From The Woods; She Dies Tomorrow; The Show; Sisters; Skull: The Mask; Skylines (Skylin3s); Sky Sharks; Slaxx; Slugs; Smoking Causes Coughing; Snapshot; Sorry About The Demon; Spider Baby; Stagefright (Deliria); Stake Land; Starfish; The Stendhal Syndrome; Strange Behaviour; Street Trash; The Stylist; Sun Choke; Superdeep (Kolskaya sverhglubokaya); Sweet, Sweet Lonely Girl; System Crasher

t Tailgate; Tenebrae; Terrifier 2; They’re Outside; Threshold; Trash Fire; Triangle of Sadness; Triggered; The TripperTulpa; Turkey Shoot; Two Heads Creek

Under The Silver Lake

v Vanishing on 7th Street; Vivarium; The Void

w We Go On; Werewolves Within; When The Screaming Starts; Who Invited Them; Willy’s Wonderland; The Wind; The Windmill Massacre; Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey; Witching and Bitching; Woodshock

The Young Pope; Your Vice Is A Locked Room And Only I Have The Key

z Z; Zombi Child